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Our company is a fast growing and importing enterprise, dedicated in manufacturing and trading
high-quality hot stamping foils, double foils, cold foils and various foil products etc, and our goods
has provided enterprises worldwide with various state-of-the-art products, i.e. garment, greeting
cards, packing boxes, souvenir, automobile parts and cosmetics packing etc. After ten years
of development and growth, we has already held the leading position in its industry under
BH-Foil Brand. Meanwhile, we has accomplished the customers assignment and orders with
highly religious and prudent attitudes, and conquered one technical peak after with its foil products.
With Provide our customers with zero-defect product and service in time as our business policy,
we have won the recognitions from the clients at home and abroad, and taken up the stable
and wide market share all over the world via our advanced machinery equipments, high-quality
production, front-edge processing and well-known prestige.

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